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Permanent Make Up

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Eyebrow permanent makeup (PMU) is a customised cosmetic tattooing technique designed to enhance and define your eyebrows. Each treatment is personalised to suit the individual and their unique skin type.

Touch-ups are NOT included in the price.




If you have had previous microblading or tattoo work done before you must send us a picture before you book as we cannot always go over other people's work.


If the brows are faded enough, we will only work on the brows if we are carrying out an Ombre Brow treatment as this is the only service that will cover and correct the old brows, have better-healed results and doesn't damage the skin.


We will not perform Microblading on clients with previous brow work under any circumstances. Please contact us directly if you want to find out more.

LIP blush treatments

3D Lip Blush can enhance your lip colour with over 30+ different shades. It can help improve the shape and any discolouration of the lips. Healed results are a natural lip tint that you can wear on an everyday basis.


Perfect for all skin types, mainly for those with combination skin (oily t‑zone) and slightly oily. Can last up to 3-5 years.





Darker skin tones may require our Lip Neutralisation treatment before their Lip Blushing treatment due to the natural skin undertones


If you have ever had a cold sore speak to your GP or local pharmacist so you can take a course of anti-viral medication prior to starting your treatment.

EYELASH treatments

Pin-straight eyelashes can go unnoticed. A lash lift opens up your eyes and adds length and body to your lashes.


A lash lift and tint is the perfect treatment for anyone who wants stunning, fluttering, unforgettable lashes.


Please Note: Please arrive wearing NO eye make-up, even mascara as mascara affects the lash lift solutions. Also, don't get them wet for at least 24 hours after the treatment.


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