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Appointment Prep


Please ensure that all forms are completed, and take the time to review the pre-care, healing process, and aftercare information before your appointment.

Kindly note that failing to adhere to pre-care instructions will lead to appointment cancellation and forfeiture of your deposit.

IMPORTANT: Please avoid consuming coffee or tea before your appointment under any circumstances. These beverages can thin your blood, causing increased bleeding, swelling, and discomfort despite the use of numbing cream, and unsatisfactory results. This applies even to your TOUCH-UP appointment.


CLICK HERE to see how coffee affects your treatment.
Trigger warning: BLOOD

We do not perform Microblading on clients who have previously had microblading or permanent makeup done elsewhere. If you've had prior work done, it's essential to send us a photo of your brows before booking, as there are certain cases we may not be able to accommodate.


Please fill out all the relevant forms before your appointment. There are two forms to fill out "Medical Consent Form" and the "Patch Test Form". (PMU = Permanent Make Up)

Click "NEXT" at the end of the first form to move on to the next form. The form is not submitted unless the second form is completed.


Upon your arrival at Salisbury House, please proceed to the reception area and inquire with the receptionist for More Love Patience. Kindly take a seat in the waiting area.

The receptionist will contact your artist, who will promptly come to escort you.

For weekend appointments, please utilize the "Reception" button outside the building to enter. Upon entering, report to the reception area, inform them of your appointment with us, and someone will be dispatched to accompany you.


Feel free to take a seat in the waiting area and, if necessary, send a text to '07391631376' to let us know you're waiting.


1 Min From Moorgate Station

  •  Stay on the side of the road where Natwest Bank is located.

  •  Turn left into Finsbury Circus after passing 'Natwest.'

  •  Continue on Finsbury Circus until you reach SALISBURY CIRCUS, 29 Finsbury Circus.

4 Mins From Liverpool Street

  • Take the McDonald's Exit.

  • Cross the street and pass 'The Railway Tavern.'

  • Proceed to Blomfield Street.

  • Cross the road and head straight onto Finsbury Circus.

  • Turn left at the circus, pass the bus stop, cross the road, and you'll find Salisbury House.

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